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Evangelist Ursula Dabrowska was a powerful preacher of the Gospel and it was a great loss to the Church when she passed away. She affected many people for Christ in Canada and other countries and especially in her native country of Poland. After her conversion to Christ in our Vancouver Crusade she would often attend our Gospel rallies and help along with others in the worship and praise service. One evening after such a rally about a dozen met at a White Spot Restaurant. Ursula was among them. I felt led of God to ask her if she had ever considered giving her testimony in a Crusade setting. She mentioned that she had done so in a house meeting and had also helped in Rev Don Gossett's crusade. I asked if she would consider testifying and preaching at our Church in Edmonton, to which she consented. We had a powerful crusade with hundreds attending. From then onward Ursula Dabrowska carried the Gospel of Christ across this Nation and overseas - Pastor Max Sollbrekken

Saved from Jim Jones’ cult

Before I was born, the doctors entered my mother’s room and told her that if the baby were born, it would kill her.
When I was six weeks old, I was accidentally poisoned by food a nurse gave me. If my grandmother had not passed the room and seen that I was turning blue and on my way to the grave,  I wouldn’t be alive today.
We lived in an isolated area, so there weren’t any doctors for miles around. My grandmother made an herb tea of some kind, and that is undoubtedly why I am now here sharing my story.
During my teenaged years, many unpleasant things happened in my life. I was in a concentration camp and faced many tortures! Twice I was put before the Nazis and also the communists. I was beaten almost to death at one time and if it were not for the grace of God, I wouldn’t be here today. I thank the Lord that my mother taught me to pray. I was a prayer child! I was always seeking Jesus in prayer! I knew there was a God and there was a power that could deliver me from every danger. And so, prayer saved me from danger from time to time.
I kept calling out to God: “If You are there, please help me.”
During the war I was separated from my parents. I didn’t know where they were, nor did I ever think I would see them again.
My father was a prisoner of war! Being an officer in the Polish Army, he was taken away and my mother was put in a large concentration camp. I didn’t know where she was and I was left alone.
They put me in a small concentration camp and I watched people being beaten to death daily. I saw blood flowing continuously. I have seen young women being repeatedly drugged and raped.
Day after day and night after night, I saw them rape the girls, but being a teenager, I was never touched. God’s hand was upon me all the time. I was forced into a labour camp in Poland – in the dead of winter. We were not given proper clothing for such cold weather. My feet and hands were completely frozen all the time. I worked very hard and suffered a lot. People all around me were committing suicide – life was just too hard for them to take.
But I called on the Lord, saying, “God, please help me. Let me get out of this prison and please let me see my parents.” I had never known such a thing as freedom. Before the Nazis invaded Poland , we lived in a land of milk and honey. We had everything we needed and lacked nothing.
When the Nazis arrived, life became a chaotic mess. The Jews were suffering horribly and the Polish were also suffering greatly, but our family helped many people.
The Nazis warned my mother that if she helped anyone she would be shot! Twice, the Nazis caught my mother helping the Jews. They interrogated her, cursed her and warned her that if they heard another thing, she would be shot on the spot.
We knew then that we had to leave, so we tried hard to get to the Ushwer where we had relatives and friends. On our way another Nazi stopped us! He asked my mother for her purse. My mom had a picture of my Dad wearing his Polish uniform.
When the Nazi saw the picture he demanded, “What is this? How many Germans are here? Are any of you Germans?”
We said, “Yes”. He asked, “What is this”, as he pointed at the picture. I speak fluent German and also fluent Polish. He demanded to know, “Who is the man in the Polish uniform?”
My mother answered, “This is my husband”. The soldier shouted, “Ze Zinth Adish” which means, “You are finished”. My mother asked, “What will happen to my child?” “We will see to that”, he answered.
At the very moment the Nazi was taking my mother away, another German soldier on a motorcycle drove up. He called the Nazi soldier away from us. Then, he whispered to my mother, “Get away from here now. Get away as quickly as you can.”
As my mother turned around to thank the German soldier on the motorcycle, he was gone. There was no one there! It must have been an angel of God, because he just disappeared.
My mother was a woman of prayer. God sent his angel to her. My mother loved to pray and many times I would hear her praying at night for hours and hours. She would weep before the Lord and she’d pray. She prayed that I would be saved and in the ark of safety. Praise God for all praying mothers.
As you can see my life was full of danger. I faced the firing squad twice and each time I called out to God, “Please help me, let me live. I don’t want to die”.
I lived in constant fear of being shot, tortured or beaten. I never knew if I would be drugged, raped, beaten or dragged to a different concentration camp.
One day God miraculously provided a way of escape for us. This shows how God works in such a beautiful and perfect way.
I had decided that I must try to escape from the concentration camp. I didn”t care if I got caught or shot. I told my Almighty God, “I am in your hands, and I must try to escape from this place”.
At the very same time, my mother also decided to escape. In God’s timing and providence, she escaped at the same time I did. Somehow, God let us find each other. This was another miracle of God.
Only God can arrange a perfect time, a perfect place and only God can work miracles.
I was so happy to see my mother. I cried, “Mama, Mama, how are you? How did you get here? Are you all right? Tell me please!”
And my mother also cried, asking me the same things. We thanked God over and over again. My mother told me, “Ursula, we are going to escape Poland and cross the borders to the West God will be with us. I have a little Polish money and a little food.”
My mother’s faith in Jesus Christ, and our loving God, made it possible for us to escape to the west. First we went to Germany , and then from there to England . We lived in England for 5 wonderful years. I met a Polish man and we got married. Together we had 4 beautiful children, 2 girls and 2 boys. They are all grown now.
From there God led me to Canada . Canada is the beautiful and precious country where I found my Jesus. But before I found my Jesus, I had to go through many hardships.
I was searching for something deep in my heart. I had a longing for something to fill my heart. I felt like something was missing from my life. I always prayed but I still felt empty and had a deep longing.
Somehow, I fell into the hands of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. You know what it is like when you are searching and you can’t find the right thing. You just want to find God, but Satan is everywhere trying to deceive you. Satan works hard to deceive you. He would like to deceive you into believing false prophets. And that is exactly what Satan did through the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult.
A married couple started coming to our home every week. For an entire year they tried to teach me their doctrines, but I never felt comfortable in their presence. Something felt so wrong about their beliefs, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
I asked God to help me, but I couldn’t shake them off. They kept coming to my home with new books, green bibles and blue books. They said that I needed to learn all their teachings and doctrines.
They knew that I always prayed to Jesus and that He was very close to me, but they constantly told me that He was not important. Can you imagine, so-called Christians saying, that “Jesus is not important”.
This couple continued to visit and teach me and take me to big Jehovah Witness Conferences. God answers prayer, however, and every time I went to a convention, I would fall into a deep sleep. God put me into a deep sleep and when I woke up the teaching was over. Praise the Lord.
At that time, I worked for a plastic company. One day at work God provided an escape for me. I became friends with a lady there. She was a born again Christian and she started telling me about the Word of God. She warned me not to get tangled with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. She said they were a false cult. She told me I should read the Word of God.
As I began to read the Bible, my spiritual eyes began to open and understanding came in a very clear way.
One Friday, however, I had just finished work and was looking forward to the weekend. As I went to my car I found a flyer on the windshield. It was about a minister called Jim Jones. The flyer was advertising meetings he was holding at the John Oliver High School on Fraser Street in Vancouver, B.C.
I was still searching and seeking after the truth! I wondered if I should go to the meeting. Something inside me was telling me I should go. When I arrived I found the hall packed. People kept coming and coming. I was sitting in the fourth row and observing everything. Suddenly, Jim Jones’ choir started to sing.
The devil will come as an angel of light, deceiving in many different ways. He can come as an angel of light, not as Satan with horns.
Jim Jones had a deceiving choir. They sang so heavenly, that you felt you were in heaven. But it was all part of Satan’s plan of deceit. I listened to the choir and thought how beautiful they sounded.
SUDDENLY JIM JONES came onto the stage. You could tell he was a man who tried to show his majestic power. He had a great power upon him, but at that time I didn’t know it was Satan’s power.
I watched and observed very carefully. I was looking for the truth. Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.
Jim Jones started calling out a few people. He would tell them about their sicknesses and command that sickness to be gone. He never spoke in the Name of Jesus. He just commanded the sickness to leave.
He had nurses there, ready and waiting with towels. He would command the sickness to leave the person and as everyone watched, Jim Jones would command the cancer to come forth and the nurse would hold a thick towel in her hand in front of the person’s mouth. She would open the towel and this horrible looking stuff would be on the towel.
But, what really happened was Jim Jones had arranged for chicken livers to be put inside the towels.
I knew that only God could heal and only God had such power, but as I saw these things I was also deceived. I thought this must be God.
Suddenly, I heard my name being called. Jim Jones was calling out my name! He said, “Ursula”, and he pointed at me. I stood to my feet and he said, “Ursula, you have four children”. I said, “Yes”. Then he said, “You have 2 boys and 2 girls”, and then he spoke their names. He continued, “You have relatives in Poland and Germany”, and I replied, “Yes”.
Jim Jones then told me that I lived in a brown house and that my husband was on a hunting trip. Amazingly, everything Jim Jones said was exactly the truth. My husband had left me many years earlier and had married a much younger woman. I had struggled all by myself to raise four children and it had not been easy. I didn’t even know that my husband was on a hunting trip, but I found out later that it was the truth. I wondered how Jim Jones would know those things about me! I was totally shocked.
So, when you are dealing with evil power, witchcraft and the deceiving power of Satan, anything is possible. Satan knows your weak spots, he knows everything about you! He will attack you at your weakest point and try to destroy you. He won’t attack when you are strong, but when you are weak and in need!
At that time I was very weak. I was still searching and seeking to find the truth. Satan was constantly coming between me and my God. And so as Jim Jones was ministering to me he said, “I want you to come up to the front.”
There was a row of seats in the front and I sat and waited. There were a few other people Jim Jones called to the front. When the meeting was over and many people received their so called healings, Jim Jones started ministering to those of us on the front row.
Jim Jones came to me! Jim Jones knew there was nothing wrong with me physically. I was perfectly well and healthy. Jim Jones told me I should take some vitamins and Jim Jones prescribed the types I should take. Then Jim Jones told his nurse that she should instruct me on how to take them.
I thought it was very strange that Jim Jones should take such an interest in me. I told him I would get the vitamins. Jim Jones took my address and phone number and said he was arranging trips for people to California . The cost would only be $15 for a return trip with all meals and accommodations provided. It was very inexpensive and inviting, to go to California for such a small amount of money. I was drawn to go there to California in the Redwood Valley.
Jim Jones had a large church there, with about 2,000 members. Everything was very well organized. He had about 20 buses that were going to and fro bringing people from all over. He sent buses to Victoria, Vancouver and across the United States . When the people arrived, he treated them in a very gentle way. They were not members yet and they needed to be totally deceived so they would become members. He seemed to have a very special eye on me. He provided me with the best home, the best accommodation.
Large jugs of water were placed in front of us. Then we were told to close our yes and worship God. Then, when we opened our eyes we saw that the water had turned into wine. We tested the wine and we were all in tears – and we were all deceived.
Many people, including preachers and Christians trusted and believed in Jim Jones. Jim Jones was preaching powerful messages and his dynamic personality was drawing people of all faiths to him. Jim Jones knew exactly how to confront each person and seemed to know the mind of every person. Jim Jones could read people’s minds and Jim Jones knew their needs. Jim Jones was ministering unto their needs and that was so deceiving that the people were just drawn to Jim Jones by this evil power.
I saw many miracles – I saw people receive false miracles, and I also believed. The word of God says to beware of false prophets that would perform great signs and lying wonders.
There were people brought in on stretchers, who could not walk or even sit. Jim Jones would make them sit and even walk. I was sitting right beside them and I could hear their bones cracking. They stood and they walked, but this was a deceptive spirit and there would be an awful price to pay. The devil doesn’t give you anything without placing a caveat on your soul! Witchcraft takes hold of a person and they claim they can heal. Yes, it appears they can heal – but it is temporary.
The only ONE who grants genuine healing miracles is Jesus Christ our Lord! He said: “The thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy. I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10: 10)
For three years, I continued being deceived by Jim Jones! One day Jim Jones opened his big temple in San Francisco . It was the most beautiful building I had ever seen. It was all in white and blue with thick, soft carpets. Jim Jones and his choir were all dressed in blue outfits. It was all very beautiful. The opening day of the temple in San Francisco was the day God opened my eyes. I thank Him every day for letting me see the truth.
People were brought into this temple by the hundreds and as people were worshipping, they were worshipping something, but it wasn’t God! They seemed to be in a trance of worship. The choir was singing in the most magnificent way.
Suddenly everyone turned their eyes to the right and in walked Jim Jones. This powerful man – his majesty was entering the building. That was Satan in disguise. Everyone was standing up and worshipping, and pride entered into him. It was then that Jim Jones slipped up and let us see who he really was.
God opened my eyes and my ears and I could hear very clearly as Jim Jones said, “I AM GOD, WORSHIP ME.” I looked at Jim Jones and I looked at the crowd for their reaction, but there was no reaction. They were worshipping Jim Jones.
I was so alarmed. I said to myself, “Where am I, who am I. What am I doing here?” I thought this was a man of God, but he is an impostor.
I stood up and there was a moment of silence. I found the courage to say, “If you are God, then where is Jesus Christ?”, because Jesus said, “No one can come to the Father but by Me”.
The Holy Spirit made me say that! It was the supernatural power of God that had His hands on me all the time! God knew that I was searching for the truth. He knew I wasn’t looking for falsehood, but, He allowed me to be a witness to all this, so I could see the way Satan works.
God had allowed me to learn the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and then to be a strong witness and teach people not to enter into this false cult.
After I had said these things to Jim Jones, I just wanted to get out of that place. I wanted to just turn into a little mouse and disappear. I felt an evil power come upon me. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. It was Satan’s evil power upon me and I couldn’t wait to leave and get back home.
When I arrived home, I suddenly felt desperately sick! I couldn’t do anything. I had no pain in my body. I had no symptoms of pain, but I knew I was dying. I would lie in bed, unable to even lift my hands or feet. I couldn’t open my mouth, I knew something very evil had happened to me.
I didn’t know at the time about the evil powers of witchcraft. Jim Jones had put this evil power upon me.
For 3 days I felt like I was living hell on earth. I couldn’t reach God and I couldn’t reach hell. I couldn’t die and I was not living. I was floating somewhere in between.
Max Solbrekken Gospel Crusade
Shortly after this, a friend of mine invited me to a Max Solbrekken Crusade in Vancouver, BC. I sat there and listened and was stunned. For the first time in my life I heard the message of salvation being preached to me.
In all the years I had been involved with different religions/cults/churches, I had never heard the beautiful message of salvation and an eternal life with Jesus our Lord.
I accepted the invitation to accept Jesus into my heart when Max Solbrekken gave the altar call. I had finally found what I was searching for all my life. A complete fulfillment inside, there is no emptiness now because I have Jesus in me.
I believe I had to go through all those different churches and religions to finally realize what I was looking for in Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Jesus is the answer to all your problems. You can turn to Him in your time of need and He will answer your prayers. Just trust in Him.
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand; All Other Ground is Sinking Sand.
When we lose touch with Jesus, we give the ugly devil an opportunity to come in. That’s when the “Jim Jones” of this world move in. The Bible says, “Submit yourselves unto God, resist the devil and he shall flee from you.” (James 4:7)
The Bible says that Satan: “goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”. (1 Peter 5:8)
The devil is everywhere, lurking around, waiting for the moment he can attack. Don’t be afraid, my friend. Give your heart to Jesus as I did and you will be saved, delivered and set free.
Trust and believe only in God the Father and in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He will take care of you! God bless you all.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

by:  Evangelist Ursula Dabrowska