Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Due to the heavy security in Kampala since the terrorist attack that killed 82 people on July 11, 2009 at the World Cup, we were unable to hold the Unity Crusade down town as we had planned. Our crusade was the first large event given the permission for an open air meeting in two years. We had to change our plans and with more than 100 policemen who watched the Soccer Field 24 hours a day we proceeded. Then the rains came and hampered our crusade but many people came to the altars and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. Many hundreds of young people were converted. I did not know then that we were in the very centre of the Roman Catholic area and next door to the Muslim Headquarters and that we were seeing an historic breakthrough in that area. Since our Crusade there, a TV Station is asking us to preach weekly over there station and when the rains came a number of radio stations, TV and other media give us an enormous amount of coverage and preaching time over their networks. Now, we know why we were unable to get the downtown facility to reach an area that had not previously been reached - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Writes Leading TV Journalist from Kampala, Uganda

Dear Beloved Dr. Max,
This is a message from the brother who made the videos. As a journalist he knows a lot of what is going around.
Thanks for attacking the strong holds.

Ever, Peterson

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From: [email protected]
Date: Oct 8, 2011
To: [email protected]

I am so grateful to Dr. Max Solbrekken and so highly to the Lord
Almighty for the decision to choose Uganda and more so Nsambya the suburb of Kampala city for the mighty crusade.

This area has been a strangle hold for so long since it neighbours
KIBULI is the headquarter of Islam in Uganda. NSAMBYA is also a seat for the Catholic Church; they have schools, hospitals and churches just a few meters away from the crusade ground.

For years EFFORTS TO EVANGELIZE IN THIS AREA have been fruitless, and I believe the showers of rain were showers of blessings and the crusade was an UNPRECEDENTED BREAK THROUGH!

Ntege Mugerwa Patrick