Friday, September 23, 2011

This is the time for Revival. The doors are wide open in Uganda. Even though the rain hampered us greatly, we soldiered on and reached hundreds of thousands with Jesus' Gospel by T.V., Radio and mass media. Only eternity will tell everything that our Lord accomplished from September 6 - 20, 2011.

Report on Norway & Uganda Crusades!

September 22, 2011

Dear Friends:

“I preach like a dying man to dying men. I preach as if it were the last time I would ever preach.” - Richard Baxter

We had great meetings in Norway and Uganda. By God's grace, we reached hundreds of thousands across Scandinavia on Visjon Norge TV for five days, working with my old friend Jan Hanvold.

Pastor Dan McLean from Victoria was a great help in Uganda in the Minister’s Convention. He is a powerful man of God and we are inviting him and his wife Susan to Saskatoon and News Sarepta in the near future.

Jan Hanvold is the president of a very influential TV Satellite Network: He is also a powerful Evangelist and preached with great clarity and fire and Lief Inge Sandnes from Norway was in top form with his TV camera. Ron Peters and Dave Sollid from Saskatoon and Marty Swanson from Camrose were great team members and very helpful in the crusades.

September is usually a very dry month, however, about ten days before we arrived – after months of drought – it began to rain every day with mud slides and farmer’s crops rotting in the fields. The Soccer field we were using turned into mud. We didn’t let that stop us, however, and people had to stand in the mud. On the last day it rained a lot in the morning but the sun shone and dried up the fields and it was one of the greatest services I have seen.

Because of the 7/11 terrorist attack at the World Cup in Kampala in 2009 – where 82 people were killed - outdoor meetings were not allowed to assemble until our crusade. We were given permission to hold our crusade, however, but had more than 100 policemen patrolling the park 24/7. The Chief of Police led the famous POLICE BRASS BAND in a march through the city to open the crusade.

With the wet weather we moved into Plan B and had an awesome Press Conference with about 20 news organizations present. I was interviewed and allowed to preach on three major secular Radio Stations reaching the nation (One half hour and two one hour talk shows)

Since this was the first large crusade since the 7/11/09 two terrorist attacks, it brought together pastors from many different denominations and many precious souls were saved in every service. The Authorities had warned the pastors after the attacks, to screen everyone coming to their church services, so high was the tension.

Our crusade has brought a sense of calm and people danced for joy for about an hour after the altar service on Sunday night. Dr. Dkata, National President of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in Uganda and a powerful preacher/pastor helped us greatly. He was on the National Soccer Team as a young man and had injured his right leg between the ankle and upper leg. He brought a dying man to see us and after praying for him, Dr. Daniel asked if I would also pray for his old leg injury and the Lord graciously healed a 12 year old injury and he danced for joy and later transported us to the airport. Glory to God.

Pastor Peterson Sozi who was our Crusade Chairman in 1994 and again this year has lost none of the fire. We worked together as hand in Glove for God’s glory!

Your servant for Jesus’ sake,
Pastor Max Solbrekken

From: Peterson Sozi [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 20 September 2011 07:48
To: Elizabeth Adams
Subject: Opening of School, Wells, Women's Dorm, AWG Prayer Resort and Demo. Mixed Farm

Dearly Beloved Dr Max:

Greetings in Jesus' most precious name , even Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
It was glorious on September 17, 2011, when we opened and dedicated to the Lord Almighty, Back To God Primary School Butalale, water well, Alone With God Prayer Resort,
Madeline Adams Women's Dorm and a model Mixed Farm where many are already coming to learn better methods of crop and animal husbandry.

Hon. Dr. James Mutende, State Minister of Industry and Technology was Guest of Honor and officiated the opening on behalf of Uganda Government and Dr. Max Solbrekken a Canadian evangelist dedicated all these facilities to the Lord.

The occasion was attended by the Ugandan Ambassador to Kenya H.E. Maama Angelina Wapakabulo, Pastors from different denominations, many invited guests and after the dedication Dr. Max preached a very powerful message and many gave their lives to Jesus.

Hon Dr. Mutende gave a moving testimony about the prayer Resort because five months ago he came to this place frustrated after loosing in the elections of Mbale Municipality, he was prayed for in the name of Jesus Christ for God to open bigger doors. Immediately after this the President of Uganda appointed him State Minister of Industry and Technology!!!

After opening and dedicating the facilities at the farm, we drove back to Kampala to attend evening Max Solbrekken Unity Gospel Crusades which had started on September 13 and ended on 18th. Many came to the Lord although rain disrupted.

Dr. Max is a balanced scriptural preacher, who rocked the City and the nation at large. He preached in open air, had press conference, and preached on Radio and Television. There was also a three day Pastors' and church leaders' and market place people's conference in a Catholic Sharing Youth Hall. On one of the days the Holy Spirit came down in power anointing all of us afresh. That was significant; He just showed up, it was magnetic, I do not know how to describe it perhaps Dr. Max can share the videos with you.

We had wonderful cooperation with the Government of Uganda, allowing the Police Band to lead a City Gospel Match which was so colorful. It was also important to note that we received permission to hold these crusades at the time when we hard highest alert against terrorism and the Police used all its security organs and over 100 Police personnel were on guard 24 hours a day.

Despite the disruption from rain in the open air crusades many came to the Lord through the media and Capital Community Church Women's Club will be giving an Luncheon to the new converts on September 25, 2011, the men also from the same church will be giving Bibles to the new converts. Hallelujah, God is good.

Uganda needs Preachers like Dr. Max Solbrekken who preaches the truth from Scriptures and brings out the old time themes of SIN AND SALVATION; HEAVEN AND HELL AND JUDGEMENT. The popular messages we have been hearing of worldly prosperity and financial success were not heard this time rather, we heard the power of the blood of Jesus, where would you spend eternity?, repentance, love of God and serving God by winning souls. It was good!!
If you know preachers who preach the true Gospel from Scripture, please, send them to us, Back To God Evangelistic Association will host them and now we have a good data base of working together in unity for the glory of God.


Peterson Sozi