Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do these people have no conscience? It is such a shame that they have been brainwashed to believe a lie and in rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour will be lost forever!

 92-Year-Old Arab Gloats Over 1929 Rape-Massacre, Wants Encore by Gil Ronen
As the world is subjected to a hail of propaganda from Arabs regarding the 1948 “disaster” inflicted upon them by the creation of the state of Israel, Arab press watchdog MEMRI has released a video that places the Arab claims in perspective.

In the video, a 92-year-old Arab woman, originally from Hevron, glowingly recalls on Hamas-Gaza TV how the Arabs of Hevron, including her father, without provocation, massacred the peaceful Jewish neighbors they had lived beside for years in 1929 – almost 20 years before the 1948 War of Independence. Needless to say, there was no State of Israel then, no IDF, no "occupation" etc.

In an orgy of sadistic violence on August 24, 1929, 67 of Hevron's Jews were murdered. The Arabs murdered children in front of their parents, severed limbs, raped and burned people alive.  

The British High Commissioner in the Land of Israel, Sir John Chancellor, published a statement following the massacre, saying, 
I have learned with horror of the atrocious acts committed by bodies of ruthless and bloodthirsty evil-doers, of savage murders perpetrated upon defenseless members of the Jewish population regardless of age or sex, accompanied as at Hebron, by acts of unspeakable savagery, of the burning of farms and houses in town and country and of the looting and destruction of property. These crimes have brought upon their authors the execration of all civilized peoples throughout the world. Photos of the victims of the massacre, which eventually led to the evacuation of all Jews from Hevron, until their return in 1967:
Hamas MP: Jews Ingathered for Us to Annihilate Them by Gil Ronen

Yunis al Astal, a member of the Palestinian Authority parliament, spelled out his organization's vision for the genocidal annihilation of the Jewish people in a television interview last week. The interview was broadcast on Hamas Al Aqsa TV and monitored by incitement watchdog group MEMRI.  

Al Astal described the ingathering of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel in terms of a divine plan that would give the Arabs "the honor" of annihilating "the evil of this gang."

In a few years' time, he predicted, the Zionists will understand that they were brought here for the purpose of being slaughtered in "a great massacre."

Using Hitleresque language, he said that the Jews are more dangerous than all of the world's lethal birds of prey, dangerous reptiles and lethal bacteria combined.

Hamas and Fatah have signed a pact of cooperation, yet the Israeli government refuses to assign enemy status to Fatah, which controls part of Judea and Samaria. Rather, it sees it as a partner in security cooperation and possible peace talks. As part of the accord between Fatah and Hamas, Hamas's Al Aqsa TV is allowed to broadcast in Judea and Samaria.

Not long after the massacre of the Fogel family at Itamar, the government announced that it would be publishing an incitement index and monitoring PA hate talk, but little has been heard of the initiative since.