Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Goes by So Quickly and There is So Much Yet Undone


March, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,                                                        

Greetings in Jesus’ dear name! It has been a long time since we have heard from some of you. I pray that all is well with you and your family? Please share with us your specific needs and we will be pleased to pray for you or any of your acquaintances!

The Lord has blessed us more than we could imagine. In 1991, after pastoring Faith Cathedral in Edmonton for 22 years, we amalgamated with Peoples Church to free me to spend quality time in Eastern Europe. I preached in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Latvia with great success due to their great spiritual hunger and new found freedom! I had the privilege of leading Mikael Sergiovich Gorbachev's sister, Galina Sergiovanna Gorbachev, to the Lord; as well as a well-known film maker in the Ukraine who has since made several dozen Christian movies!

For years we’ve had large meetings across the continent of Africa. We experienced breakthroughs in Sudan (2006, 2007). Darfur had been 100 per cent Muslim for hundreds of years. Now there are many churches springing up there!  And Jesus touched many lives in Brazil (2004, 2005). I preached to ca. 10,000 Assembly of God pastors in 4 different conferences in 2005 and on April 13th of that year to a crowd of ca. 300,000 in the Parque Brasil in Paulinia, S.P. Brazil.

In 2007 God urged me to spend more time in Saskatchewan. Driving through Saskatoon, Donna and I invited a pastor and his wife to join us for lunch. During our conversation he offered to sell us a property and we ended up restoring an old Jewish synagogue. Christ the Healer Gospel Church is now 3 years old, debt free with a solid congregation and growing.

Recently the Moravian Church at New Sarepta, Alberta was given to us! (30 miles east of Leduc on # 623)  Built in 1918, it was closed in 1982. Since then, it has been used as a church and a residence. After it was officially reinstated as a church by the Canadian Government, we accepted the offer.

We are renovating it from the basement to the spire at the cost of $75,000 and believe it will be debt free before May 20 – 24, the date of the official dedication!  A believer whom we baptized at Sandy Lake Bible Camp ca. 40 years ago gave us a White Gospel Tent valued at $40,000 and seating ca. 500 - 600 people. It will also be dedicated to the Lord at the Time of Rejoicing May 20-24 Celebration. The property includes THREE ACRES of land and is called Christ the Healer Gospel Campgrounds. The church is called The House of Prayer.

In 1994, Donna and I conducted a major Crusade in Kampala, Uganda reaching many thousands in the Muslim Park. We also underwrote the expenses of 12 Evangelists to conduct a week of pre-crusade meetings in 12 different churches. During the Crusade we conducted a Ministers Conference with 500 pastors. We brought in Missionary Leonard Rutten from Tanzania to preach at the Pastor’s Conference and also to the New Converts the week following the crusade at the Assembly of God Church where Pastor Skinner from Canada was the Minister!

Two weeks ago I received an URGENT e-mail inviting us back for another crusade. Pastor Peterson Sozi, Holy Spirit filled Presbyterian, who was our Crusade Chairman in 1994 is now the Vice President of the Elders of all the Born Again Churches in Uganda and connected with the Evangelical Fellowship.

I have refused nearly all overseas crusades for the past three years, but God impressed upon my spirit to accept this ONE invitation!

Pray for our CRUSADE there on Sept 13-18 as well as for the Ministers Conference. We will undoubtedly have a very large number of pastors co-operating as nearly all the Protestant Churches are interested in working with us. They have decided to call it the ‘Max Solbrekken Unity Crusade & Minister’s Conference’

Winston Churchill called Uganda the Pearl of Africa. And such it was until the crazed Muslim madman Ida Amin, who is called ‘the Butcher of Uganda brutalized the nation from 1971-1979 killing 300,000 people, expelling Asians, killing Christian Ministers and Politicians. And then, the Aids epidemic decimated tens of thousands of Ugandans!

When we arrived there in 1994President Yoweri Museveni had been in power since 1986. He was in the north part of Uganda fighting with rebels but Donna and I met with his wife Janet Museveni, who is a born again Christian. God has blessed Uganda under his rule and it is now the most stable nation in Africa and will begin pumping oil in 2012. Many there believe this is Uganda’s hour!
Life goes by so quickly and there is so much yet undone. If you want to become involved in this End Time Ministry through prayer or Missionary Giving, please contact us! 780-460-8444.

Yours in God’s great love & care,

Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.
2 Corinthians 4: 5